Meet the Crew

Sheldon is the host of Shelly Welley talk Showy, and is in his favorite room, the kitchen. When not on camera, he enjoys eating, begging, and eating!

If Chloe is not watching the crew from up above (or taking an occasional nap) she is walking on set, eating (Shady’s) food, bugging Sheldon or watching birds/squirrels. in the photo, she is caught sneaking over to harass Shell.
The youngest and newest member of the crew, shady is still a kitten and scared of a lot of things but some fears go beyond reason…
An eater, like Sheldon, Beckett is like shady,(and sometimes shelly) afraid of everything. she tends to enjoy sleeping after eating, and is never shown after 5:00
The self proclaimed pack leader, Carson always wants to be in charge! Things don’t work out a lot, causing a bitter rivalry between her and Sheldon. She is very loveable and friendly around humans however.
She is very loyal and dependent to Grandma, she is always at grandmas side. she once got arrested for stalking grandma…
Gracie is lazy, but energetic when she wants to be. She is generally like by all the other dogs.
The watery crew, whom the dogs need to feed on numerous occasions have appeared throughout the different episodes.